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 “HAT ACB” is Available in Ten Types, from 630A to 5000A Frame Sizes
The breaker height and depth are standardized throughout the “HAT ACB” series.
∙Fixed type :
500mm(height), 343mm(depth) (up to 4000A).

∙Draw-out type :
468mm(height) (up to 2000A frame),
525mm(height) (from 2500A to 4000A)
458mm(depth) (up to 4000A).



 “HAT ACB” a Compact, High-Performance Circuit Breaker

1. Double-segregated arc chamber for maximum fault interruption performance.

2. Charging handle stored flush in the front panel.

3.Operating mechanism of a simple cam system for lightweight slim construction.
Mechanically reliable parts, such as ball bearings are used at the key points.

4.Two tip contact system. Arc damage to the main contacts during opening and closing operations is substantially reduced by the arcing contacts which close before the main contacts (during closing operations) and which open after the main contacts (during opening operations).
5.U-Shaped current path.
This design utilises the electronmagentic repulsive force between the arms of
the “U” conductor to provide additional contact pressure in the closed position.
In breaking, the magnetic force drives the arc into the arc chute.
6.Combination bolted/soldered connections.
This arrangement reduces heating and ensures high stability of the connection.
There is also no possibility of loosening, thus eliminting the need for retightening.
7.Early make, late break, neutral pole contact.
The neutral pole contact closes earlier than, and opens later than the main
circuit contacts.
This effectively prevents the occurrence of abnormal voltages between the
phase lines and the neutral line thus ensures safety.
Since the operation of the neutral pole contact is mechanically linked with
the operation of the main circuit contacts, it is impossible to leave the neutral
pole open or to accidentally open or close the neutral pole only.

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